10 Things Realtors can do to get more business for free in Edmonton

10 Things Realtors Can do to get more business for Free In Edmonton!

1. Place Foreclosure ads on Kijiji

Kijiji can be used for free, you can place multiple ads in different categories on Kijiji to generate calls and traffic.

2. Cold Call for rent listings On rent fast

A lot of landlords are sick of renting their properties out and will want to sell. Get to them first, before they call the realtors they already know.

3. Cold call for sale by Owners 

Also known as fsbo’s can be found on may different sites and on for sale signs in neighbourhoods

4. Blogging

Blogging will create some traffic to your website. Ask me how to convert this traffic into leads!

5. Facebook and social media

An easy reminder every few days that you are a realtor and are doing big things will eventually lead to some sales if you present yourself as a professional.

6. Call your circle of influence

These are the people you know, like and trust. They should be your biggest advocates. The key to this is asking them the awkward question of if they know anyone that would like to buy or sell. Once you do it, it will be implanted in their minds that you need them to be successful.

7. Say happy birthday to past clients

This is the warmest way to get into contact and remind your past clients that you exist and that you care about them. They may reward you with some leads!

8. Reach out to one builder per week.

Builder calls are tough…I know. If you call just one a week, you will eventually build a partnership and become top of mind for a builder!

9. Door Knocking

No One in the world actually likes to do this, but it works and if you want some free business today. Door knocking is the key.

10. Leave your business cards at local businesses

I can’t count the amount of times I have left small stacks of cards at my hair dresser, the dry cleaner or at the local donair shop and had call backs. It may not happen right away, but it is fast and easy for you to do.

And finally, if you want more deals approved and get the best communication in the industry. Have your clients call me as their mortgage broker. The most aggressive mortgage broker in the city of Edmonton!

Sean Rampersaud Edmonton Mortgage Broker

Sean and Radika Rampersaud are a family team of Edmonton mortgage brokers. They specialize on helping their clients to get the lowest mortgage rates in Canada by leveraging high volume and multiple lenders. “We want to help our clients not only to get the best rates, but also to make the home buying process easier.”

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What Is A Mortgage Broker? Do I need One? Edmonton Mortgage

What Is A Mortgage Broker? Do I need One? Edmonton Mortgage Brokers

So you are shopping for a house, there is a lot of new things you are learning about. One of the most important things you need to make a decision on is the mortgage you get.

You may not realize it yet, but making the right mortgage choice now is going to impact how fast you are able to reach financial freedom. Please make sure you are spending the time and effort on this part of the process, understanding the ins and outs of mortgage options before you buy.

You may have gone to your bank and gotten “pre-approved”. This is a statement banks love to use, and what most people don’t realize is that this approval is conditional on many things. The bank can decide at any moment “nah that deal doesn’t work for us”…… Shit then what do you do? If you are not careful, you can be sued if you cannot get your financing in place.

Did your agent coach you about this? Or are they going by what you told them…I am pre-approved. Most realtors will assume that you have done your due diligence, and that your financing is all good. Why else would they spend the time to show you all 50 houses you looked at before you made an offer?

Should I go to my Bank to get a mortgage?

During the process of purchasing you had many choices, should I hire an inspector? When you did, did you pick the cheapest? Or would you want to choose the best, so that you will not have problems down the line? I think everyone in their right minds would choose someone good, as it can save them thousands in the future.

Which brings me to my point, many people just go to their banks and deal with a general agent in the bank to get a mortgage. The problem with this is that these people, are general. They do not specialize in one specific area, they do investments, rasp’s, tax free savings and much more. How can they really focus on your best interest?

Further to this point, each bank has a limited amount of products and services. Meaning they can only give you what they have. The terms and conditions that they never go into detail on may not fit your goals and dreams.

You need to hire a professional….You need to hire a mortgage broker.

What is a Mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker is a person that deals specifically in mortgage and mortgage products. They specialize in this area and are by far the most experience and knowledgeable professionals for your mortgage advice.

Are all mortgage brokers the same?

Hell no! The mortgage broker course in Canada is not very long and as long as you have a high school diploma or ged you can get the certification. This is a high turnover industry with most people not making it past their second year in the business. Make sure you hire a broker that knows what they are doing.

My bank has mobile mortgage specialists. Should I deal with them?

In my opinion the mobile mortgage specialists at the bank are limited to their product only. I prefer dealing with broker that work with many banks and have access to multiple options of products.

Further to this the mobile specialists are generally not the best brokers in the industry. The best brokers are private and commission based like myself. The banks pay their mobile specialists much less that they pay independent brokers.

Do I have to pay the mortgage broker?

No for most deal you do not have to pay any fees to a mortgage broker. They are paid by the banks.

Do they increase the rate to build in their commission?

No they do not increase the rate for this. Mortgage brokers send higher volumes to the banks and the banks give them discounted rates as reward.

Can I get a lower rate on a mortgage through an Edmonton Mortgage Broker?

Yes most of the time a good mortgage broker can get you a lower rate than the bank.

If I go through a mortgage broker, can they put my mortgage through my bank?

This depends on if your mortgage broker is signed up to deal with your bank. Each bank has minimum volume goals the broker must send them before they will deal with them.

Who is the best Edmonton Mortgage Broker for me?

The best Edmonton Mortgage broker for you is someone who will listen to your wants and needs and recommend a solution based on you. Before I offer a mortgage to anyone, I will do a needs analysis with them and then recommend solutions for them.

Can a mortgage broker save me money?

A good mortgage broker can save you thousands in penalties and interest payments.

Sean Rampersaud Edmonton Mortgage Broker

Sean and Radika Rampersaud are a family team of Edmonton mortgage brokers. They specialize on helping their clients to get the lowest mortgage rates in Canada by leveraging high volume and multiple lenders. “We want to help our clients not only to get the best rates, but also to make the home buying process easier.”

Radika Rampersaud Edmonton mortgage Broker

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Who Is The Best Private Mortgage Lender In Edmonton?

Who Is the Best Private Equity Lender for Edmonton? Foreclosure Help

I have been working with private lenders in the Edmonton and Alberta Market place for over 10yrs. My clients often ask me who is the best private lender in Edmonton? That question has to be broken down into many components because each private lender is good in different situations.

Some of them will lend to self employed people while others will not. Some private lenders will even lend to you when you do not have a job or any income at all!

In all of these scenarios, private lenders are always for equity situations only. Meaning to deal with a private lender or a B lender, you will have to either have a lot of money or have a lot of equity in your property.

I recently had the pleasure of dealing with many client scenarios that we used a Private lender or a B lender. Those lenders were able to secure high risk loans for my clients in exchange for a higher interest rate and fees.

The higher interest rate is because these mortgages are higher risk! These lenders are the only ones that will lend in foreclosure and bad credit situations as there is high risk that the owners could default on their mortgages as they have done in the past.

So how do you choose which private equity lender to go with? You really have to understand the ins and outs of each of these companies and what they will accept. You also want to make sure you don’t get over fee’d for this transaction. Some private lenders will try to milk you dry.

CALL ME! I will make sure you get the best of the best and will negotiate with the lender for you.

5 Types of Private Mortgage Lenders in Edmonton. Foreclosure Help

There are 5 types of B Lenders or private mortgage lenders in Edmonton

  1. The Investors

The Investor is a private person with a lot of money. They want to invest their cash into a safe investment and receive a reward of high interest. They will usually have high fees and are reserved for specific situation.

2. The B Lender

The B lender is very similar to the MIC. However the B lender will be investing their own money. They are usually a corporation with pretty strict rules.

3. The Mortgage Investment Corp (M.I.C)

Mortgage investment corps are the most common B lender. They will get a group of investor together and will invest their money for a guaranteed rate of return to the investor.

4. The Banks B Division

Some banks willl have a B division, the interest rates are usually pretty good through these companies and they really want to help you.

4. The Equity Bank

Equity banks usually started out as B lenders and grew to bank status. If you can get in with a B lender, that is usually the best case scenario.

Common questions about B lenders and Private mortgages

1. My house is paid off, can you give me a loan?

Yes I can get you a loan if you have your property paid off, even if you don’t have a job at the moment! We have solutions for all types of situations.

2. My house is in foreclosure can you get me a mortgage?

As long as you have enough equity, I can get you a mortgage to get you out of foreclosure. I have helped hundreds of people in this exact type of situation.

3. How do I save my house from foreclosure?

We use many strategies to save your house from foreclosure including using current equity, switching the lender, getting new appraisals, doing improvements and more.

4. I owe money to CRA, can you get me a mortgage?

Yes we have lenders that will lend even if you are currently owing money to the government.

5. I Have bad credit, can you get me a mortgage on my house? Or a Loan?

Yes I can as long as you have a downpayment.5

Sean Rampersaud Edmonton Mortgage Broker

Sean and Radika Rampersaud are a family team of Edmonton mortgage brokers. They specialize on helping their clients to get the lowest mortgage rates in Canada by leveraging high volume and multiple lenders. “We want to help our clients not only to get the best rates, but also to make the home buying process easier.”

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What is a B Lender, and How Can They Help Me?

What is A B Lender? Edmonton Mortgage Broker

What is a B Lender, and How Can They Help Me?

B Lenders were created to fill gaps in the mortgage market. They are for special situations where someone doesn’t fit into the standard banks very strict mortgage rules.

In Edmonton there are several B lenders that are available to you all with their own rules and regulations. A good Edmonton mortgage broker will understand the niche products that each of these lenders have so that they can put you with the right fit to get your mortgage done.

Generally B lenders are for people that have a lot of equity or cash, you cannot put down a small downpayment and work with a B Lender. They use your equity or property as collateral for a loan or mortgage. This is how they protect themselves.

6 Situations you can use a B Lender for In Edmonton

  1. Foreclosure

If your home is getting foreclosed on for any reason, you may be able to pull out equity from your home to get caught up on bills. Foreclosure is one of the biggest reasons B lenders are used.

2. Bad credit Large Downpayment

When you have bad credit, you can’t go to the bank and get financed. You will need an alternative. I get a lot of clients that inherit money and they want to put it into property before they blow it all. B Lenders are perfect for this.

3. Too Many properties, large downpayment

Investors sometimes have too many properties for a regular bank to finance, but they need just this one more. B lenders in Edmonton can help with this as they allow you to state your income and allow you debt ratios to be higher than standard banks.

4. Flipping houses

If you flip houses a b lender may sometimes be your best bet to get financing. They are fast and efficient. They allow you to pay it off anytime you want.

5. Buying a business using your equity

I have many clients that are buying businesses or franchises using the equity in their homes. A B lender is best for this, because a lot of times they are not working another job. Therefor they cannot qualify for other loans because they are not currently working.

6. Business for self large downpayment

If you have a new company, it is really hard to get mortgage financing. However if you have good equity or cash a B lender will lend you money for your loan.

7. Consolidation bad debt

Do you owe revenue Canada money, or high interest credit cards? Then a b lender is where you would go for your financing.

Common questions about B lenders in Edmonton

  1. How much are mortgage rates through B lenders?

Rates will range from 3.39% all the way up to 11% depending on the situation. If you are already in foreclosure it can be on the high end of the spectrum.

2. Are there fees when you borrow through a B lender?

Yes there can be fees involved, Usually 2% of the mortgage amount.

3. Where do B lenders get their money from?

B Lenders get most of their money from private investors.

4. Can I get approved through a b lender?

Call me!

5. Will a B lender approve me if I have bad credit?

Yes a b lender may approve you only if you have a large downpayment.

Sean Rampersaud Edmonton Mortgage Broker

Sean and Radika Rampersaud are a family team of Edmonton mortgage brokers. They specialize on helping their clients to get the lowest mortgage rates in Canada by leveraging high volume and multiple lenders. “We want to help our clients not only to get the best rates, but also to make the home buying process easier.”

Radika Rampersaud Edmonton mortgage Broker

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What Should I Do When I Get A Foreclosure Notice In Edmonton?

What Should I Do When I Get A Foreclosure Notice In Edmonton?

Getting a foreclosure notice can be the worst feeling you can have. First you bought this home you dreamed of owning scott free and now you are in a position where you can no longer make the payments and the bank wants to take it away from you.

You think to yourself; how the hell did it come to this? I am embarrassed and I don’t know what to do. What am I going to tell my kids, my friends, my family.

You are not alone…. In Edmonton hundreds of families have to deal with this exact situation every year. Although the oil patch hasn’t dried up on us, many jobs have and we need to push through in order to move forward. Hopefully the pipeline is approved we say.

Right now Edmonton real estate is at a pretty low value and many families are unable to save their homes from foreclosure. I hope I can help, I am writing a series of articles for people in your exact situation.

Don’t worry, it is not the end of the world. Check out these other foreclosure articles for more information on what you can do to get out of foreclosure in Edmonton.

What should I do when I receive a foreclosure notice in Edmonton?

1. Don’t wait to act

The longer you wait, the more back payments and fees you will get tacked onto the principal amount. I have a client right now that has 36k in back payments at high interest. On top of that the current bank would not finance them any longer. They were lost and we were able to help them.

2. Get a payout statement

You Need to know exactly what you owe so that an Edmonton mortgage broker can get you financed by a different lender. They may be able to take some more money out of the houses equity for you to live on until you are back on your feet.

3. Try to make Payment arrangements

If you have had a good history of payment some banks may give you a grace period and tack it onto the back end of your mortgage term. This means your amortization period (time to pay off) will become longer. This is best case scenario

4. Refinance/extend your amortization

Say your house is worth 300k and you owe 100 k. If you refinance it you can pull out 150k out of the current house and get it financed elsewhere. Therefore paying back what you owe and having more cash in hand to pay out other debt.

5. Get a Home Equity Line Of Credit

Having a home equity line of credit, or HELOC is a major asset. A good mortgage broker will get you a mortgage in the first place with one of these built in. So that as you pay down your mortgage, more line of credit becomes available to you.

5. Debt consolidation

Consolidate all of your credit card debt etc in a home equity line of credit or unsecured line of credit so that the payments are low. Maybe having the monthly debt lower will make it easier to make your payments on time.

6. Get a new Job

Don’t let your ego be the reason you lose your house. I see too many people from Edmonton come into my office and tell me they are pipeline this and pipeline that. The fact is if it is not paying the bills, then it is not enough.

7. Get a mortgage broker

We can help you navigate the process and there are no upfront fees. We are paid by the banks to do a service for you.

8. Consider bankruptcy

If there is no equity and a lot of debt, going through the bankruptcy process may be your best option.

9. Sell your home

If the house is just too much, try downsizing or renting.

Whatever you decide to do we are here to help you. Please call us very early in the process so that we can get a jumpstart on fixing your situation. There is no reason to be embarrassed as we see this and fix this type of thing for people every day.


Read The Article 7 Secret Tips To Get Out Of Foreclosure In Edmonton


Or 12 Secret Ways To Save Money On Your Next Edmonton Mortgage

Sean Rampersaud Edmonton Mortgage Broker

Sean and Radika Rampersaud are a family team of Edmonton mortgage brokers. They specialize on helping their clients to get the lowest mortgage rates in Canada by leveraging high volume and multiple lenders. “We want to help our clients not only to get the best rates, but also to make the home buying process easier.”

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Understanding The CMHC Home Buyer Incentive in Edmonton

9 ways the CMHC Home Buyers Incentive benefits Edmonton Buyers

 Again we have done the research for you and picked holes in the new CMHC Homebuyer program for Edmonton Residents. Read on to learn more about this awesome program and contact us with any questions you might have.

The Bank of Canada has announced in their 2019 Federal Budget! They have proposed that they will be giving First Time Home Buyers an Incentive of up to 10% of their Purchase Price. Below i have outlined some of the most popular FAQ’s in regards to this drastic improvement to the Mortgage Rules and Guidelines. 

9 Ways the CMHC Home Buyers Incentive Benefits Edmonton Buyers

1. Can i afford to buy my first home in Edmonton? 

The Federal Government of Canada and the CMHC-The Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation, will be helping first time home buyers in Edmonton and throughout Canada to lower their monthly mortgage costs. This is huge, as they have never given buyers this option previously. Applicants will also need to pass the Federal Stress test to ensure you can keep up with your monthly debt payments. 

2. How much downpayment will you need to put down?

The minimum downpayment you still need to put down will be 5% of the Purchase Price of the home. The higher the downpayment, the lower your CMHC/Insurer premiums will be. These insurance premiums are included into your monthly mortgage payments. 

3. How much will i receive from the Government as an incentive?

5% Incentive if it is an Existing homes or 10% If it is a Newly built homes throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas

4. How does the government give the funds? 

The incentive that they are going to be providing will be given to applicants as a reduction in their Mortgage amount. For Example

If you are buying a home that is lets say:

Purchase Price $300,000 Residential Home in Edmonton 

5% Down  $15,000

Mortgage Amt  $285,000

10% Incentive -$30,000 Newly Built Home in Edmonton** 

**New Mortgage Amount $255,000!

6. How do i know if i qualify?

The one thing i always suggest prior to shopping for a new home, is to get pre approved.  By doing this very important step first, you are then sure of exactly how much you qualify to buy. I can use your income, monthly debt payments and the correct calculations to ensure you are pre approved for the right amount. The Government incentive is only offered to House hold incomes totalling less then $120,00.

7. Do i have to Repay the Incentive?

Eventually you will have to repay this and most likely at re-sale of the property, but the Government is still finalizing these details as it is unclear at the moment how applicants would pay this back and when. 

8. When can i take advantage of this Home Buyer Incentive?

The government is hoping September of 2019 or Fall-this will be finalized at a later time. 

9. Can i still take advantage of the RRSP Home buyers Plan and the Incentive programme?

YES! This is huge for all the buyers out there who have been saving up their RRSP’s and wanting to use them at this time would be extremely beneficial. THE RRSP Home Buyers Program lets buyers use their RRSP’s as their downpayment -up to $25,000-with NO PENALTY as long as they pay back the RRSP’s within 15 years! With these changes to the mortgage here in Edmonton and throughout Canada, the government is hoping to increase that amount to $35,000. In result of this, the Canadian government is hoping that this change along with the  Incentive program will help increase housing demands throughout Edmonton.

Sean Rampersaud Edmonton Mortgage Broker

Sean and Radika Rampersaud are a family team of Edmonton mortgage brokers. They specialize on helping their clients to get the lowest mortgage rates in Canada by leveraging high volume and multiple lenders. “We want to help our clients not only to get the best rates, but also to make the home buying process easier.”

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7 Secrets Tips To Get Out Of Foreclosure In Edmonton

7 Ways to Save Your Home From Foreclosure in Edmonton

Over the years many of our customers in Edmonton have had financial struggles, many of which have faced foreclosure. Foreclosure is when a home owner with a mortgage with a financial institution or bank is unable to make their payments, and the bank takes away the home.

There are many strategies that I have personally advised over the years that have saved my customers from having to loose their homes. In this article I will share many of the secrets you need to know on how to save your home from foreclosure. Also please feel free to call me so that I can give you some straight up advice with no judgement. We love to help people and understand that Edmonton and actually most of Canada’s economy is not great right now.

You are not alone, there are thousands of people right now in Alberta that are in your shoes. I want to help you all if I can.

We are Edmonton mortgage brokers that specialize in foreclosures, specifically getting people out of foreclosure.

Tips to Get Out Of Foreclosure in Edmonton

  1. Negotiate a deal with the financial institute

The bank does not want to take away your property, it creates a lot of work and expense for them. They have to go to court, get lawyers involved etc. Try to call someone from their lending dept preferably a manager. They may work out some payment arrangements with you to get you over the hump.

2. Sell the property

If the bank is not working with you, it is a good idea to sell the property and pay them out. If you wait too long on this, your amount owing to the bank can grow to a point where you will not be able to recover. Sell it before it is too late. When a house is in foreclosure in Edmonton there will be many high fees involved as well.

3. Refinance the property with a B Lender

B lenders are a great option if you have equity in your home. They can finance you short term, giving you time to repair your credit and situation.

4. Consolidate all of your debt

Consolidating your debt on a line of credit or home equity line of credit can bring down your overall payments.

5. Sell household goods or toys like campers to make the payment

Albertans love their toys. Sometimes too much.

6. Switch Banks

If you have not totally destroyed your credit, it is possible to switch banks before the foreclosure. Most banks will not fund someone currently under foreclosure so make sure you d this early.

7. Rent the property out

Don’t let your ego get in the way. If you really want to save your property this is a good option. Have someone else paying the bill until you are back on your feet.

Common Question About Edmonton Foreclosures

  1. Can the bank kick me out of my house?

Yes the bank can have you removed from your property if they have given the correct notice. This does not happen right away.

2. Will the bank give me any money when they sell my house?

There will be many fees that add up including legal fees. They will give you money in the end if there is any left after the fees.

3. Are there large fees when my house goes into foreclosure?

Yes there are many large fees, and they can charge them all to you.

4. Do I need a lawyer if I am getting foreclosed on?

No the bank hires the lawyers and charges you for it.

5. I have bad credit, can I still save my house?

Yes we can try to get you finance with a B lender or a private lender. Call us if you find yourself in this situation for a free consult.

6. Who is the best B lender in Edmonton?

The best b lender is whoever gives you the best rate. We shop them all for you.

7. What is a high risk lender?

Someone who lends based on equity usually for higher interest.

8. Do I need an appraisal in I am refinancing my house?

Yes you will need to get an appraisal from a lenders approved list.

Sean Rampersaud Edmonton Mortgage Broker

Sean and Radika Rampersaud are a family team of Edmonton mortgage brokers. They specialize on helping their clients to get the lowest mortgage rates in Canada by leveraging high volume and multiple lenders. “We want to help our clients not only to get the best rates, but also to make the home buying process easier.”

Radika Rampersaud Edmonton mortgage Broker

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12 Secret Ways to Save Money On Your Next Edmonton Mortgage

12 Secret Ways to Save Money On Your Next Edmonton Mortgage

Are you buying a home this year? Well we have gathered together the top 11 ways for you to save money on your next mortgage! Buying a home & Getting a mortgage is an extremely important step in your life. Why not take some extra steps to ensure you are saving the most money! 


1. Use a mortgage broker.                                                                                                                                                                                  

 It’s very easy to get information from the internet, friends and family but not all mortgage rules and rates can apply to you-every mortgage is unique. By using a mortgage broker, you can utilize their ability to shop over 50+ Canadian banks to get you the lowest rate out there and only checking your credit once! Using a mortgage broker here in edmonton can give you an exact idea of what you can afford, Guarantee a rate and explain all the costs involved with the home buying process

2. Put 20% Down!

Conventional Mortgages are a great way to save money long term. Your mortgage will be conventional if you are putting 20% Down or more. This means that you would not be paying the CMHC Insurer fee’s. These premiums can range anywhere from 2.80%-4.00% Of your loan amount. This will be dependent on how what your purchase price is and how much downpayment is being put down.

3. Shorten your amortization!

Amortization is usually set at 25 or 30 years, This is the total length of time it would take an average person to pay off their entire mortgage. By cutting it down to 15 or even 20 years, this can reduce the total amount of interest that you would normally with a 25 year amortization

4. Getting an inspection on your new home.

Once your financing is complete, it is highly recommended that you complete an inspection of your home with a qualified Inspector. This can range anywhere between $300-500. Although this may sound like a lot, this can save you THOUSANDS of dollars on any deficiencies, issues, mold and anything that could be wrong with the physical structure of the home.

5. Ask your realtor or mortgage broker for a referral for a Lawyer.

Realtors and mortgage brokers work with Law offices on a regular basis and have built strong relationships with real estate lawyers. In return, some lawyers can give a discount on legal fee’s for your mortgage closing process. Sometimes you can save anywhere between $200-$500 in legal expenses.

6. Using a realtor to purchase a new construction home.

This is a hidden tip that most buyers first or 2nd time around are not aware of. Visiting show homes is fun and exciting. You walk in and out a row of them and check out samples of what your new home could look like. What most buyers don’t know, is that By using a realtor to purchase a home through a builder can save you tons of money!! Show homes usually have the price advertised and most buyers walk in, get excited after walking in and have NO representation to assist in the negotiation. So most buyers end up paying whatever the actual purchase price is and are unaware that there is always room to negotiate. SO the next time you check out a show home, USE A REALTOR! Realtors do not charge fees for buyers so having the real estate agents represent you help in the negotiation and also are on your side when it comes to the fine print when having an agreement with a builder.

7. Get Title Insurance.

This will protect you from any surprise and unpleasant revelations about your property’s history that could arise in the future. This would be obtained through your lawyer at closing and can cost anywhere between $200-250.

8. Are you an Alumni from a local Edmonton College or University?

Ask me for information in regards to First Time home buyers who have recently graduated from Post Secondary Education. We provide discounted mortgage rates that can save you money on interest throughout the term of your mortgage

9. Get referred to an appraiser.

Sometimes your mortgage may require an appraisal to be completed. The best way to save money on an appraisal is to ensure your financing is 99% Complete. If for any reason your income or downpayment does not get approved, your appraisal should be the last thing you check off of your financing list to ensure you are not our of pocket for the cost of the appraisal. So before you go ahead and pay for an appraisal, ensure your income & downpayment and all other conditions have been met.

10. Get a rate hold

Securing your mortgage rate up to 4 months! By getting pre-approved and securing your mortgage rate prior to purchasing a home, can save you hundreds of dollars. Here in Edmonton, the housing market is constantly changing-and along with that so are rates. So by speaking to us, you can secure a low rate for up to 4 months to ensure that if you are planning on buying the next few months, whatever may happen to the market, you can feel safe that your rate is lower than what the rate could be 4 months from now.

11.Keep your debt load low

If you are planning on purchasing a home in the future, keep your monthly debt loads low. Try to pay off your highest interest balances first. By doing this, you have a higher chance of qualifying for a LOWER mortgage rate. Sometimes if you carry a high debt load balance, your mortgage can still get approved but your mortgage rate may not be the lowest due to the HIGH credit card, line of credit and loan payments.

12. Make Bi-Weekly Payments

Making bi-weekly payments will help you make and extra couple of payments per year resulting in you paying down the mortgage faster!

Common Mortgage Related Questions

  1. What banks have the best mortgage rates in Edmonton?

Different banks run promotions at different times depending on if they are hitting their annual targets or not. At every time of year different banks and financial intstitutions will run promo’s on their rates.

If you are looking to find out who is having a promo give us a call at 780-238-2957, we can let you know. Often times it may not even be a bank, it could be a mortgage financial institution. We can let you know. Saving on the rate means saving thousands of dollars on you mortgage!

2. How much do I have to pay to use a mortgage broker in Edmonton?

Most mortgage brokers charge nothing for a regular transaction.

We are paid by the banks, and the best part is we can get you a better rate than your bank can!

4. Can mortgage brokers in Edmonton get lower rates than banks?

Yes, often times we can get much better rates than the banks. We send millions of dollars worth of transactions per month to them and they give us a discount on the rates.

5. How can I get the best mortgage rate in Edmonton?

Call us and let us shop around for you, we guarantee the lowest rate!

The just of it is, our brokerage is the largest mortgage brokerage in Edmonton. Combined they send millions of dollars worth of transactions to multiple banks every month. These banks fight for our business by offering us special rates.

6. How can a mortgage broker get me a lower interest rate in Edmonton?

Mortgage brokers pit the banks against each other to earn your business. A good broker will send your application out to many different banks and then get them to offer you a rate.

Your rate will depend on how great of a client you are. What is your credit like? How is your job stability? These are all things the banks will be looking for.


Buying a home is one of the most important and significant financial transactions you can make. Don’t do it alone, Contact me for your mortgage approval process and let me help you go through the process together. I can share my experience and knowledge that i have gained from the last 10 years in this role, and ensure i am there every step of the way. 


Sean Rampersaud Edmonton Mortgage Broker

Sean and Radika Rampersaud are a family team of Edmonton mortgage brokers. They specialize on helping their clients to get the lowest mortgage rates in Canada by leveraging high volume and multiple lenders. “We want to help our clients not only to get the best rates, but also to make the home buying process easier.”

Radika Rampersaud Edmonton mortgage Broker

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21 Realtor Secrets for Selling your North Edmonton Home

21 Realtor Secrets for Selling you North Edmonton Home For More

I specialize in selling homes in Edmonton and have identified some specific trends happening in north Edmonton real estate that can tremendously benefit homeowners.

There are some tactics you can use to ensure you are getting the most money out of your home when you are selling. Some of these tactics are dependant on the property type you have and I will outline those in another article.

I have been involved in real estate for over 20 years in the Edmonton market and have been tracking what work and what doesn’t on spreadsheets in order to maximize and identify the tactics I can use to get my clients more money in their pockets.

21 Realtor Secrets For Selling North Edmonton Homes for More money

  1. Take professional pictures

Pictures are now one of the most important factors in driving traffic into your house. Make sure you get the angles that make the room brighter and larger.

2. Market your listings online

When you list with with some agents, your home can be listed on hundreds of websites. This will get you the most exposure online an get you more showings.

3. Hire an Agent that specializes in the area

Don’t hire a jack of all trades, if they specialize in your area, they will have more access to buyers in the area.

4. Get some landscaping done

You can hire labourers on Kijiji for a very reasonable price. Order some mulch and create a design for your lawn. It makes a huge difference and will cost you very little.

5. Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way when you are trying to sell you house in North Edmonton. Many of the areas in the north have old homes and a fresh coat of paint will make it look better as well as get rid of old smells that linger in the house.

6. Power wash the front of the house

First impressions are important when you are trying to sell your house in north Edmonton. Make the front look as new and as clean as you can.

7. De-personalize the home

Remove personal things like pictures. The buyers looking at houses in north Edmonton want to feel like it is their home and imagine themselves in it.

8. Hide all of your junk

Everyone collects a bit of clutter. If you are selling your home, be positive and box the little trinkets up. Make your home look like a showpiece.

9. Make a pot of Coffee before showings

Coffee smells great and will make the buyers feel like they are home.

10. Leave the TV on for background noise

Play some light music in the background to create a comfortable environment during showings.

11. Do minor upgrades that cost very little like flooring and trim

The cost for flooring works out to around $2.50 per square foot installed and trim is also very cheap. This will give a major impact on what the house looks like.

12. Get an agent that is aggressive

An aggressive agent will fight for you and get you more money for your north Edmonton home. You can also imagine that they will market more aggressively and have you everywhere you need to be for maximum exposure.

13. Lower your prices by small amounts often

This will automatically send out a push notification to anyone matching your homes search criteria on the Edmonton MLS. You can do this as often as you want at no cost with many Edmonton real estate brokerages.

14. Do evaluations weekly

You need to know what is happening with the market as things can move up and down fast. Stay informed by having an evaluation sent to you weekly like we do with our sellers.

15. Pack away 90% of the toys

Too many toy give potential buyers anxiety. Pack as many away as you can. Your kids will hate this, but it will help.

16. Try to sell while there is short inventory in your area

If there is short inventory of your product, then you will be in a better position to sell for top dollar. Work with an agent that  will look for opportunities like this for you.

Common questions About Selling you North Edmonton Home

  1. Who is the best realtor in for North Edmonton homes

There are literally thousands of realtors in Edmonton. The best realtor for north Edmonton is someone who is aggressive and active in the marketplace. Call into our office at 780-278-4847 to discuss the best fit for you. You will have to work and communicate with the agent so you really have to make sure you are compatible.

2. What is the best real estate brokerage in for North Edmonton Homes

The real estate brokerage does not matter as much as the individual agent. Every company will have a reason why they think their company is the best. It is the individual agent that makes the difference.

Sean Rampersaud Edmonton Mortgage Broker

Sean and Radika Rampersaud are a family team of Edmonton mortgage brokers. They specialize on helping their clients to get the lowest mortgage rates in Canada by leveraging high volume and multiple lenders. “We want to help our clients not only to get the best rates, but also to make the home buying process easier.”

Radika Rampersaud Edmonton mortgage Broker

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9 Tips For First Time Home Buyers In Edmonton-Warnings

9 Tips For First Time Home Buyers In Edmonton-Warnings

Buying your first home in Edmonton can be a scary experience, what if you do the wrong thing and lose money on your investment?

I put together this quick sheet for all of the new home buyers in Edmonton and area so that you do not make the mistakes others have made when buying your first home.

Please feel free to call our team to check the current real estate market in Edmonton before you make the decision to enter the market.

In recent years real estate in Edmonton has been a declining market and it is now the perfect time to buy a new home because of the low prices, right now it would be hard to lose.

9 Tips for first time Home Buyers in Edmonton


1. Buy when the market is down

I have seen so many people buying when the market is at its peak, and those are the people that are suffering today. They want to sell their home and get into something larger because of their growing family, but they can’t. The house they purchased in Edmonton is now worth less than it was when they bought it. So what do these people do?

Normally a person in this situation would stay living in the property, hoping the market goes back up. Or they rent it out. When they rent it out, they would not qualify for a large mortgage, so this can be an issue for some.

Don’t make this mistake, call us before you are thinking about buying a home in Edmonton so that we can let you know if it is a buyers market or a sellers market in Edmonton.

2. Use a qualified Edmonton Mortgage Broker

A small difference in the rate can make thousands of difference on your mortgage. When you use a mortgage broker in Edmonton, they pull your credit once and shop many lenders for you.

By doing this, they can pit the lenders against each other fighting for you to get the best rate.

3. Get an inspection by a licensed Edmonton Home Inspector

I recommend this always to every one of my clients. Home inspectors can’t tell you everything about a house, but they can help save you a lot of future problems. Some sellers hide things behind the walls, make sure your inspector has a uv gun.

4. If you are buying a condo in Edmonton check the financials

I recommend getting all of the condo documents upfront. Give yourself 2 weeks and have it checked by a professional condo document reviewer.

When you do this you can avoid disasters like special assessments. This is when the condo board asks you for money payable right away. I have seen assessment upwards of 30k per unit!

5. Plan for the future

Buying your first home in Edmonton is exciting. Make sure you are planning for 5-10years down the line. Are you planning on having kids and starting a family? Take that into account when you are considering space.

6. Buy a property that fits your lifestyle

If you are an executive that works downtown, then a downtown Edmonton loft may be the way to go. One of the regrets I have is not owning a condo or loft downtown Edmonton before I had kids. We made enough money for a nice place and we took taxis downtown often, but we never did this.

Make sure you know what you want before you buy!

7. Buy in a good area

If you are thinking of future re-sale, make sure you buy in a good area.

8. Lowball offers

When you are making your offers make them low enough that you can get a good deal, but also not too low. I have been in loads of negotiations where the buyers offer too low and it pisses the sellers off.

This creates an invisible barrier that can never go back up and this is not where you want to be in a negotiation.

9. Hire an Edmonton realtor that has your best interests

Hiring the right agent is very important for any negotiation. You will be spending a lot of time with this person, and they will have to negotiate on your behalf.

When i work with clients I am very specific about what their wants and needs are, I make sure they get exactly what they are looking for.

I also get them hooked up with industry professionals that will do a great job and save them money. These industry pros are lawyer, inspectors, mortgage brokers and more. They provide discounts to my buyers saving them thousands of dollars.

Who Are the Best Edmonton Mortgage Brokers and  Realtors?

We are the Rampersaud Real Estate team, my name is Sean Rampersaud and my wife is Radika Rampersaud.

We provide full service Real estate Services for Edmonton and surrounding area residents. Specifically we are Edmonton mortgage brokers and Realtors with a lot of experience. Most of our business is repeat and referral because we care about our clients and make sure they get the best real estate services in Edmonton. Please call us or Email us with any questions you might have. You can search Edmonton real estate right on this site

Sean Rampersaud 780-278-4847

Radika Rampersaud 780-238-2957

Email us at mortgageapproval@hotmail.com

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