21 Realtor Secrets for Selling your North Edmonton Home

21 Realtor Secrets for Selling you North Edmonton Home For More

I specialize in selling homes in Edmonton and have identified some specific trends happening in north Edmonton real estate that can tremendously benefit homeowners.

There are some tactics you can use to ensure you are getting the most money out of your home when you are selling. Some of these tactics are dependant on the property type you have and I will outline those in another article.

I have been involved in real estate for over 20 years in the Edmonton market and have been tracking what work and what doesn’t on spreadsheets in order to maximize and identify the tactics I can use to get my clients more money in their pockets.

21 Realtor Secrets For Selling North Edmonton Homes for More money

  1. Take professional pictures

Pictures are now one of the most important factors in driving traffic into your house. Make sure you get the angles that make the room brighter and larger.

2. Market your listings online

When you list with with some agents, your home can be listed on hundreds of websites. This will get you the most exposure online an get you more showings.

3. Hire an Agent that specializes in the area

Don’t hire a jack of all trades, if they specialize in your area, they will have more access to buyers in the area.

4. Get some landscaping done

You can hire labourers on Kijiji for a very reasonable price. Order some mulch and create a design for your lawn. It makes a huge difference and will cost you very little.

5. Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way when you are trying to sell you house in North Edmonton. Many of the areas in the north have old homes and a fresh coat of paint will make it look better as well as get rid of old smells that linger in the house.

6. Power wash the front of the house

First impressions are important when you are trying to sell your house in north Edmonton. Make the front look as new and as clean as you can.

7. De-personalize the home

Remove personal things like pictures. The buyers looking at houses in north Edmonton want to feel like it is their home and imagine themselves in it.

8. Hide all of your junk

Everyone collects a bit of clutter. If you are selling your home, be positive and box the little trinkets up. Make your home look like a showpiece.

9. Make a pot of Coffee before showings

Coffee smells great and will make the buyers feel like they are home.

10. Leave the TV on for background noise

Play some light music in the background to create a comfortable environment during showings.

11. Do minor upgrades that cost very little like flooring and trim

The cost for flooring works out to around $2.50 per square foot installed and trim is also very cheap. This will give a major impact on what the house looks like.

12. Get an agent that is aggressive

An aggressive agent will fight for you and get you more money for your north Edmonton home. You can also imagine that they will market more aggressively and have you everywhere you need to be for maximum exposure.

13. Lower your prices by small amounts often

This will automatically send out a push notification to anyone matching your homes search criteria on the Edmonton MLS. You can do this as often as you want at no cost with many Edmonton real estate brokerages.

14. Do evaluations weekly

You need to know what is happening with the market as things can move up and down fast. Stay informed by having an evaluation sent to you weekly like we do with our sellers.

15. Pack away 90% of the toys

Too many toy give potential buyers anxiety. Pack as many away as you can. Your kids will hate this, but it will help.

16. Try to sell while there is short inventory in your area

If there is short inventory of your product, then you will be in a better position to sell for top dollar. Work with an agent that  will look for opportunities like this for you.

Common questions About Selling you North Edmonton Home

  1. Who is the best realtor in for North Edmonton homes

There are literally thousands of realtors in Edmonton. The best realtor for north Edmonton is someone who is aggressive and active in the marketplace. Call into our office at 780-278-4847 to discuss the best fit for you. You will have to work and communicate with the agent so you really have to make sure you are compatible.

2. What is the best real estate brokerage in for North Edmonton Homes

The real estate brokerage does not matter as much as the individual agent. Every company will have a reason why they think their company is the best. It is the individual agent that makes the difference.

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