10 Things Realtors can do to get more business for free in Edmonton

10 Things Realtors Can do to get more business for Free In Edmonton!

1. Place Foreclosure ads on Kijiji

Kijiji can be used for free, you can place multiple ads in different categories on Kijiji to generate calls and traffic.

2. Cold Call for rent listings On rent fast

A lot of landlords are sick of renting their properties out and will want to sell. Get to them first, before they call the realtors they already know.

3. Cold call for sale by Owners 

Also known as fsbo’s can be found on may different sites and on for sale signs in neighbourhoods

4. Blogging

Blogging will create some traffic to your website. Ask me how to convert this traffic into leads!

5. Facebook and social media

An easy reminder every few days that you are a realtor and are doing big things will eventually lead to some sales if you present yourself as a professional.

6. Call your circle of influence

These are the people you know, like and trust. They should be your biggest advocates. The key to this is asking them the awkward question of if they know anyone that would like to buy or sell. Once you do it, it will be implanted in their minds that you need them to be successful.

7. Say happy birthday to past clients

This is the warmest way to get into contact and remind your past clients that you exist and that you care about them. They may reward you with some leads!

8. Reach out to one builder per week.

Builder calls are tough…I know. If you call just one a week, you will eventually build a partnership and become top of mind for a builder!

9. Door Knocking

No One in the world actually likes to do this, but it works and if you want some free business today. Door knocking is the key.

10. Leave your business cards at local businesses

I can’t count the amount of times I have left small stacks of cards at my hair dresser, the dry cleaner or at the local donair shop and had call backs. It may not happen right away, but it is fast and easy for you to do.

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