How We Make Realtors More Money In 2020. Business Goals

How We Make Realtors More Money In 2020. Business Goals

This is going to be an amazing year ahead, and together we can make it even better! We are going to kick some ass selling Edmonton real estate. I thought I would try to make this article  interactive so that you can get the most out of the 2020 business plan. How We Make Realtors More Money in 2020.

Our main goal is to grow our businesses together and get more referrals from our clients. This is the easiest business we can get. We want to be top of mind for all of our clients and provide a service that people will talk about. I am looking for your commitment to make this all work, and if it does it will make us both have a great year.

How we make realtors more money in 2020

How can I help you increase your business in 2020?

  1. I am hiring a part time telemarketer to make calls to for sale by owners so that I can capture more leads for my realtor referral partners. MORE LEADS FOR YOU

  2. We will send out birthday cards, Christmas cards and thanks you cards to everyone you refer to us with the realtor name included. This gives you a FREE TOUCH on your client!

  3. When I get a referral from one of your past clients, I will immediately call you and let you know. For example if you refer joe to me and he calls me back in 6 months and tells me his sister is looking at buying something, I will let you know and remind Joe that you are the realtor of choice for him. You are permanently associated with your client in our system!

  4. I will continue to create valuable email marketing for the realtors that want to work with us. Hopefully giving you increased motivation to sell.

  5. We will have a 3 stage approach to all mortgage files. Meaning 3 people will look at every file so that we will increase the amounts of the approvals. I want to push for more deals in 2020 and the more we get approved, the more deals we will close.

  6. 30 minute pre approvals, fast response so that your clients excitement is not diminished. When the clients deal with other brokers or the banks, things may take time. I am a sales person first, I will help your client stay excited to buy. This helps keep the momentum going.

  7. I will give your clients priority service, as a partner your clients will be forwarded to the top of our que. Faster response time to you and your customers.

  8. Email drip marketing to all of your clients. We send out a monthly newsletter that is actually pretty helpful to your clients making us top of mind at all times.

  9. Free agent training for those who want it. I will teach you some of the tactics I use to generate more business. You may not need it, but if you have someone on your team that could use a boost I will be able to help them do it.

How do I get more approvals compared to other brokers and banks?

  1. 15 years of mortgage experience. I have established relationships with many underwriters and banks that gets me priority service and sometime exceptions on file.

  2. An in depth understanding of the criteria every financial institution. This will help those clients with unique situations get approved.

  3. A mortgage team. I don’t try to be all things in my business. In the past I have tried this and it did not work. I deal with the banks and your client directly, while underwriting, document collection and compliance is taken care of by someone else. All of my time is spent on customer service.

  4. Better customer service and a friendly demeaner on a human level ensures we will get more referrals and more approvals. Some banks and mortgage brokers are very “bank like”. Your clients will enjoy the experience.

4 Things your clients get from us that they will not get anywhere else

As you can already see, we are all about increasing our business for 2020 and giving high level service to our mutual clients. Here are some of the extra’s they get from us when we do a deal.

  1. $50 gift card upon closing as a gift when we close a deal.

  2. Better customer service (I ANSWER MY PHONE!)

  3. Access to more lenders

  4. Lower mortgage rates than anyone in Canada

  5. Free mortgage planning. If a client cannot get approved today, I build them a plan to get approved for free. This means they may be able to get approved within 6 months! If we can’t get a deal today, we might be able to in a few months! Money in the bank!

  6. Christmas cards, birthday cards, thanks you cards.

  7. Quarterly checkups (this usually gets us more referrals!)

  8. I work weekends. We work when you work, and our partners and clients love this. Most brokers and banks are limited in their time. We like to close deals, so anytime is selling time!

Lets make this an amazing year together. I’m sure your clients will love the process and so will you. I am the Edmonton mortgage broker that is known for fast approvals and getting tough deals done. The most aggressive mortgage broker in Edmonton.

If this sounds like something you want to do together, please let me know by replying to this email. I want 2020 business to be very clear and intentional. In this business it is easy to just go with the flow without clear direction. For us to really succeed, it is best to know our direction and our partners clearly.

Here is a basic business Plan template you can use as an agent to start knowing where your business is coming from.

2020 Income Goal: ___________________________
Average Deal Size: Edmonton Default $6500_______________
How many deals you need: 2020 income goal Divided by $6500=____________________
I like to make it monthly: How Many deals you need divided by 12=________________Monthly Deals

Now you Know how many deals you need per month. So Where are they going to come from?

1. Past clients
In order to track this, you will need to make contact with all of your past clients this month (JAN).
-Ask for the referral
-Start an email list on mail chimp or another email marketing software
-Create a spreadsheet or database with addresses and birthdates
(ask me how if you don’t know how. I can email you some of this)

How many deals can you expect in 2020 from past clients?_________________________

2. Social Media Marketing
-Paid advertizing on facebook and instagram
-Give them a real hook on why they should contact you
– Every once and awhile make a positive post online about your business

How many deals can you expect from social media in 2020? ______________________

3. For Sale By Owners
-Contact FSBO’s on facebook marketplace
-Offer free evaluations
-create a hook making them want to meet you
How many deals will you do in 2020 with for sale by owners?________________________

4.Online Ads
-Google ad sense
-Facebook and instagram

How Many deals can you expect from online ads?_________________________

5. Website optimization
– Create blogs people want to read
-Share all listings through your website on social media
-Increase website spead
Learn how to write posts google will read

How Many deals will you get out of your website in 2020?______________________

6. Referral from other agents
-Talk to top performers that are too busy and see if they have leads they can share.
-Ask for your brokerages online leads
-Cover for people while they are on vacation

How many deals will you get in 2020 from other agents?____________________

7. Friend and family
-Remind friend and family that you are a realtor
-Ask them about their jobs (and they will prob ask you about yours)
-Ask for their referrals and share your goals with them
-Build a box around your circle

Total deals from all sources:___________ X $6500 Average deal= Income_________________________

If these numbers are less than your goal you need to find other sources of business.

I Hope you all of the success in 2020 and genuinely want to help you achieve your goals.


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